Eagle - EWB range of Double Ended Shear Beam Loadcells are now IP68 Certified in India.

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Welcome to E.G. Kantawalla

Established in 1918, E.G. Kantawalla Private Limited is India's leading Industrial weighing, Retail weighing and customised weighing solutions provider. Eagle provides weighing solutions for analytical weighing, Precision weighing, Retail Weighing, Industrial weighing, weighbridges etc. to name a few. Eagle offers you a complete weighing range from 0.1 mg to 120 tons to cater to your weighing requirements. You name a weighing application and Eagle has the weighing solution for it. Eagle has India's most modern and spacious factory that is located in Pune, near Mumbai, the Commercial Capital of India.   (Read more...)

Quality Promise

If a customer repeats his order and recommends Eagle products to others and also goes a step further to suggest improvements in Eagle products and/or services, we assume that we have a satisfied customer.   (Read more...)

Customised Installations

Eagle undertakes customized installations of weighing systems. Upgrade your old weighing system with the latest accurate and reliable weighing technology offered by Eagle.   (Read more...)

Some of Our Corporate Customers

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