Corporate CSR

Our initiative of Accurate Weighing Practice in industrial and retail weighing applications is a landmark process by which many companies and individual have benefitted.

Inaccuracy in weighing is never intended, yet it is one of the most common causes for bad quality outputs of products as well as frequent reason for arguments between vendors.

The most asked question to us in our years of experience has been – How do we ensure that the scale we have purchased will provide us accurate weighing results over a sustained period of time? The answer is not a simple answer from our side but a series of questions.

Were you aware of the maximum and the minimum weight to be weighed by you at the time of purchasing your scale?

What were the criteria’s in selecting a particular scale while purchasing?

How often do you verify the performance of your scale and what matrix is followed to record the same?

Do you have certified test weights to verify the scales in use by you?

How are these Test weights stored and re tested over time?

Surprisingly the answer to these question themselves are the answer to the parent question.

The purpose of Weights

The purpose of Weights and Measures is to set a guidelines that only defines the minimum requirements for an approved weighing device. As it only sets a legal framework for commercial transactions, they mostly fall far below expectations on your specific process requirements.

Quality standards such as ISO 9001 states: “Measuring equipment shall be calibrated or verified, or both, at specified intervals…" Because of its generic scope, however, ISO does not give you any specific information on its implementation.

Accurate Weighing

Accurate Weighing Practice documents the results of the weighing equipment for accuracy and repeatability on the basis of regular on-site verification and helps in measurement uncertainty determination. This narrows the gap between the Weights and Measure guidelines and your own quality standards which are normally higher.

Accurate Weighing Practice also enables you to determine the frequency of verification required to maintain your quality standards.


Accurate Weighing Practice certification provides an audit trail, ensuring and proving that you are compliant with both legal requirements and your own internal quality management (e.g. six sigma and lean manufacturing).

Accurate Weighing Practice helps you build desired metrological standards while ensuring that your resources are invested only in appropriate activities.

FREE Weigh Audit and advice

We are open to conduct a FREE Weigh Audit and advice you on the Accurate Weighing Practice as well as give you documentation for all your existing scales no matter what type or make they are. Just fill in the feedback form. Our representative will get back to you shortly and fix a date and time for the same.
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