Total Commitment for Customer Satisfaction

If a customer repeats his order and recommends our product to others and also goes a step further to suggest improvements in product and/or services, we can assume that we have a satisfied customer. Total commitment for customer satisfaction can be demonstrated by:

Improving reliability of supplies

Responding to demand for new products

Providing follow-up services

Billing accurately

Rendering extra services and advice for improving customers' productivity and profit.

Quality excellence

An excellent quality product supplied at competitive price.


Strive for Quality Excellence

Quality excellence is a continuous process of achieving and surpassing our own as well as competitors' standards in respect of products and services. We can reach quality excellence by establishing process and customer orientation and by utilizing problem solving methodology also by adoption of state-of-the-art technology and strategic quality planning.


Market Leadership

If we anticipate and/or create demand in the market and cover a significant percentage of the same through production and supply, we would become market leaders. An excellent quality product supplied at competitive price and services throughout its life, coupled with upright business dealing and innovation in our practices, products and people would automatically establish and perpetuate market leadership.


Advancement of Stakeholders

Development and Advancement of Stakeholders include staff, customers, depositors, bankers, collaborators, suppliers, dealers, distributors, associates, government and the society. It is for these stakeholders that the corporation is working and they are the ones affected by the working of the Corporation. Each category of the above stakeholders seeks satisfaction through different means and the corporation must strive to satisfy all of them. It is possible to do so by continuous growth, maximization of production at optimum cost and by orienting people to achieve the task.

Environment Protection & Improvement

Environment includes nature as well as the society at large. We must conserve scarce resources, increase green cover, avoid pollution and help every strata of society by participating in their educational, cultural and economic upliftment.
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