Our Team

At EAGLE we do not differentiate amongst us by designation, we understand the power of TEAM. We understand that only if we are united towards the goal and work towards it in synergy, we will achieve our target. Therefore after completing 100 years at EAGLE we call our self as assets instead of resources. We offer a good opportunity to our team members to grow, most of our middle managers are home-grown from an executive to a manager position.

We have a regular training session to train our team to improve their skill set and increase their competency levels, this helps them not only in their current jobs but in future endeavour too.

We have innovative ideas to compensate above and beyond performance by rewarding them with overseas trips and giving double bonuses in a year.

H.A. Excellence awards 2019

HA-trophy Our Team - E. G. Kantawalla HAcertificate Our Team - E. G. Kantawalla


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