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PGW Series

Industrial Scales

High Precision - PGW Series


The PGW series of Balances are designed to meet the needs of Laboratories, Schools, Industry and commercial users offering a wide range of applications. Provides quick statistical data display or output of weighed samples. Provides rapid weighing response coupled with high precision measurement. Sturdy design and easy to use make it a winner in this class.


  • 100 % Tare range
  • Backlit LCD with dual digits (24 mm) and capacity tracker
  • 18 Weighing units (including one custom unit)
  • Selectable digital filtering for animal / dynamic weighing
  • Adjustable filters
  • Counting function
  • Date and time
  • Multilingual display
  • Modern low profile design
  • Solid metal housing
  • Lock down mounting slot for Kensington™ type lock
  • Dual tare keys
  • Splash proof to protect from accidental spills
  • Removable draft shield supplied on 0.001g readabilities
  • GLP print outs
  • External calibration
  • Internal calibration optional
  • DC Adapter
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • Zero Tracking
  • Anti-slip adjustable leveling feet
  • Colour coded and sealed keypad
  • Precision load cell technology
  • Large stainless steel pan
  • Overload protection


Model Capacity Readability
PGW 153e 150 g 1 mg
PGW 253e 250 g 1 mg
PGW 453e 450 g 1 mg
PGW 753e 750 g 1 mg
PGW 153i 150 g 1 mg
PGW 253i 250 g 1 mg
PGW 453i 450 g 1 mg
PGW 753i 750 g 1 mg


General Specifications

Stabilization time Typical 2-4 seconds
Operating temperature 10°C to 40°C
Overall dimensions (w x d x h) 251 x 358 x 104 mm
Net weight 5.5 kg
Pan size 140 x 140 mm

Technical Specifications

Model Ext. Cal PGW 153e PGW 253e PGW 453e PGW 753e
Model Int. Cal PGW 153i PGW 253i PGW 453i PGW 753i
Maximum capacity 150 g 250 g 450 g 750 g
Readability 1 mg
Repeatability (S.D.) 1 mg
Linearity (±) 2 mg
Power supply 15 VDC, 50/60 Hz, 800 mA (Input Voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz)
Units of measurement Gram (g), Kilogram (kg), Milligram (mg), Carat (ct), Pound (lb), Ounce (Oz), Dram (d), Grain(GN), Troy Ounce (Ozt), Pennyweight(dWt),Momme(MM), Taels Hk. (TL.H), Taels S. (TL.S),Taels T. (TL.T), Tical (ti), Newton (N),Custom unit


  • Anti-vibrant table.
  • Density determination kit.
  • Below balance weighing hook
  • Dust cover for PGW
  • In-use dust cover for PGW.
  • RS-232 to USB interfaces cable.


Important: Flashback 1918, Essaji Gulamhusain Kantawalla, then a young entrepreneur, ventured into importing various types of weighing scales from England, France and Germany.

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