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PLT – CT Series


Our counting scale range features highly accurate digital industrial scales for use in part counting and inventory control. PLT-CT Series counting scale can help you efficiently and accurately count a high volume of identical parts. Whether for incoming or outgoing goods, PLT-CT Series ensure you have exactly the number of parts you require. Our counting scales are simultaneously used as general high-resolution weighing scales by customers throughout the world. PLT CT Series Platform scales are designed to be used in tough industrial environments. Renowned for their strength, reliability and accuracy, PLT – CT Series platform scales have stood the test of time in harsh environments all over the world. All of our scales are easy to install, use and maintain, so they won't slow your business down.


  • LCD display with green backlight
  • Three separate display for weight, counts and unit weight
  • Built-in battery backup with 48 hours operations
  • Counting function through sampling and unit weight entry
  • Fast Weighing Response
  • AC adaptor
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • Zero Tracking
  • Anti-slip adjustable leveling feet
  • Colour coded and sealed keypad
  • Back rail support provided to protect the indicator
  • Rugged construction suitable for industrial environment
  • Environmentally protected load cell – IP68
  • High tensile alloy steel load cell
  • Equipped with Overload protectors
  • Stainless steel weighing platform


Model Capacity Readability Platform Size
PLT 75CT S 75 kg 10 g 500 X 500 mm
PLT 75CT DS 30/75 kg 5/10 g 500 X 500 mm
PLT 150CT S 150 kg 20 g 500 X 500 mm
PLT 150CT DS 75/150 kg 10/20 g 500 X 500 mm
PLT 300CT S 300 kg 50 g 500 X 500 mm
PLT 300CT DS 200/300 kg 20/50 g 500 X 500 mm
PLT 75CT L 75 kg 10 g 600 X 600 mm
PLT 75CT DL 30/75 kg 5/10 g 600 X 600 mm
PLT150CT L 150 kg 20 g 600 X 600 mm
PLT 150CT DL 75/150 kg 10/20 g 600 X 600 mm
PLT 300CT L 300 kg 50 g 600 X 600 mm
PLT 300CT  DL 200/300 kg 20/50 g 600 X 600 mm
PLT 750CT XL 750 kg 100 g 750 X 750 mm
PLT 750CT DXL 300/750 kg 50/100 g 750 X 750 mm


General Specifications

Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Operating humidity 95% RH Max. (Non-condensing)
Platform Size 500 X 500 mm
600 X 600 mm
750 X 750 mm

Technical Specifications

Internal Resolution 20,00,000
AC Power supply 100~250V
DC Power supply 4V
Frequency 50~60HZ
Display 7 segment display
Power Consumption 10 Watts Approx


  • 3 L.C.D display counting cum weighing  indicator
  • Solar charging kit 4V
  • Trolley option with 4 multi directional wheels + handle for S range
  • Trolley option with 4 multi directional wheels + handle for L range
  • Trolley option with 4 multi directional wheels + handle for XL range


Important: Flashback 1918, Essaji Gulamhusain Kantawalla, then a young entrepreneur, ventured into importing various types of weighing scales from England, France and Germany.

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