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EWB 633 (Indicator)

Industrial Scales

Weigh Bridge - EWB 633 (Indicator)


EWB 633 weighing indicator is loaded with features, including easy-to-read 20-mm high bright-red LED that displays weight to seven digits, with built in real time clock for date and time, robust construction, protected against EMI interference with RS232 and Printer interface built in, capability to operate on external 6Volt battery and can support up to 10 350-ohm load cells. Rugged versatility makes the EWB 633 ideal for weighing applications ranging from bench scales to truck scales.


  • ∑-Δ high precision A/D conversion method, able to process input signal from -16mV to 18mV
  • Good stability and repeatability.
  • DC power socket fitted with anti circuit shorting protection
  • High level of RF and EMI protection.
  • Standard function
  • AC/DC power supply, standard chargeable battery
  • 7-bits 20mm LED display, 3-level battery indications
  • User settable zero-tracking range along with auto/manual zero range
  • With 2-point calibration correction function and 2 point compensation calibration methods
  • Standard RS232 communication interface(RS422/RS485 optional)
  • Standard scoreboard interface with current loop
  • Standard parallel print interface

Technical Parameter

  • A/D conversion method: ∑-Δ
  • Input signal range:-16mV~18mV
  • A/D conversion speed: 10times/sec.
  • A/D conversion code: 1 million code
  • Load cell excitation: DC 5V
  • Max. connection number of load cell: 10 at 350 ohm/16 at 700 ohm
  • Load cell connection mode: 6 wire, auto compensation for long distance
  • Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
  • Clock: real time clock with in built battery to update even on power off.
  • Transmission: current loop/RS 232 signal
  • Baud rate:600 ◆Transmission Data Type: 11 bytes
  • Transmission distance:≤30 meters
  • Serial communication:interface
  • Transmission method:RS232/RS422(optional)/RS485(optional)
  • Baud rate:600/1200/2400/4800/9600(optional)
  • Transmission Data Format: 10 bytes: 1 byte to start, 8 Data bytes (ASCII code), 1 byte to stop.
  • Transmission distance:RS232:≤30 meters;RS422/RS485:≤1200 meters Print interface
  • Standard parallel output interface
  • AC Power:AC 220V(-15%-+10%);50Hz(-2%-+2%)
  • DC Power: DC 6V/10Ah External Battery Rechargeable
  • Battery Application: About 24h (fully charged without using the built-in printer)
  • Battery charging: About 30h
  • AC fuse: 500mA
  • Operating temperature: 0°C-50°C
  • Storage temperature: -25°C-50°C
  • Relative humidity: ≤85%RH
  • Pre-heat time: 15 min
  • Dimensions: 310x195x186(mm)
  • Net Weight: Approx 2.5 kg


  • RS422 communication interface
  • RS485 communication interface
  • Baud rate:9600
  • Wireless (Wifi) transmission for RS 232 to either drive remote display wirelessly and / or connect to computer wirelessly


Important: Flashback 1918, Essaji Gulamhusain Kantawalla, then a young entrepreneur, ventured into importing various types of weighing scales from England, France and Germany.

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