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Axle Pad Weighing System

Axle-pads Axle Pads System

Axle Pad Weighing System

  • Each axle pad capacity available from 1 t to 20 t
  • High durable loadcells equipped pads suitable for lateral forces
  • Repairable
  • Light handling weight
  • Portable design
  • Wired & Wireless Models
  • Options for Touch Display & Backlight LCD
  • Option for inbuilt printer

Axle pads are most widely used in automobile testing activities to monitor load on each wheel and on each axle. It’s also used in transactional weighing applications where there is less space availability to install a weighbridge or to use in temporary construction sites.

Eagle portable axle pads are very easy to use without any installation procedures. These axle pads are suitable for static weighing activities. The vehicles can easily access the axle pads because of its low height with access ramps which are detachable for mobilisation.