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SCWS-Check Weighing System

SCWS Series Check Weighing Conveyor System is commanly used to check the shipper boxes and bags online at the end of the conveyor line. It can be also used as a Poka-Yoke system to find the errors using the check weighing feature.

The purpose of check weighing conveyor system is used to do check weighing of the packaged commodities and accordingly reject the under weight and over weight boxes or bags as per the tolerance given in the settings.

Sometimes this system is also helpful to do check weiging process of materials coming in crates on the conevyor line and also do the check weighing of dry and charged batteries.

This system can be installed before the box closing and strapping machine.


  1. Suitable to integrate with the existing conveyor lines to install this check weighing conveyor system at the end of the line where the check weighing and rejection is required.
  2. Easy to learn and operate.
  3. User friendly user interface with 10 inch TFT display.
  4. Healthy output available to stop the conveyor line which is behind the online check weighing system in case of any errors happended.
  5. Also healthy input is available to stop the online check weighing sytem and the lines behind it if any problems occurs in the conveyor line which is after the online check weighing system.
  6. Multiple security levels available for operator, supervisior and managers.
  7. Available in full stainless steel 304 MOC and mild steel MOC (with skid plates and rollers in SS304).
  8. Comes with infeed, weighing, outfeed and rejection conveyors.
  9. Pneuamtic operated rejection assembly.
  10. Various interlocks for an automatic line.
  11. RS485 Modbus output (for weight and status).
  12. Continuous rejection alert.
  13. Log sheet for the weighment records and USB Port to download the records through pendrive.
Model Number Description Conveyor Size (mm) Suitable for Product Sizes Max (mm) Capacity Accuracy (+/-) Speed (Boxes or Bags/ minute) MOC Rejection
SCWS6040-IWOR (BX/BG) Fully Automatic IWO = 600 x 400, REJ = 800 x 500 400 x 350 10 kg/ 20 kg/ 30 kg 20 g 25 Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 Auto Rejection
SCWS6050-IWOR (BX/BG) Fully Automatic IWO = 600 x 500, REJ = 800 x 600 400 x 450 10 kg/ 20 kg/ 30 kg 20 g 20 Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 Auto Rejection
SCWS8050-IWOR (BX/BG) Fully Automatic IWO = 800 x 500, REJ = 1100 x 700 530 x 450 10 kg/ 20 kg/ 35 kg 20 g 17 Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 Auto Rejection
SCWS10060-IWOR (BX/BG) Fully Automatic IWO = 1000 x 600, REJ = 1200 x 800 680 x 550 50 kg 50 g 8 Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 Auto Rejection
SCWS10060-IWOR (BX/BG) Fully Automatic IWO = 1200 x 600, REJ = 1200 x 950 800 x 550 60 kg 50 g 6 Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 Auto Rejection

*IWO - Infeed Weighing Outfeed.
*Rej - Rejection.

  1. MOC : SS304 or Mild Steel
  2. Belt : PVC Green 2 mm belt
  3. Belt Grade : Food Grade or Non Food Grade
  4. System Type : Automatic
  5. No. of Loadcells : 4
  6. Drive : Single phase - Three phase 230 V AC
  7. Motor : 3 phase AC induction motor, RPM : 1400
  8. Gear Box : Worm Gear Box
  9. System Operating Voltage : 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
  10. Display : 10 inch colour TFT
  11. Conveyor Type : Infeed & Weighing - Motorised Belt Type, Outfeed - Powered Roller Type, Rejection - Gravity Roller Type.
  12. Moutning Legs : +/- 50 mm adjustable anti vibration M20 legs.
  13. Rejection Type : Push Type.
  14. Rejection Mechanism : Pneumatic (7 bar pressure required).
  1. What is the use of the online check weighing conveyor system?
    • It can be used to install after the customer’s conveyor line to do the check weighing automatically for each box/bag/crate/battery and rejection the under weight and over weight objects automatically based on the tolerance given in the settings.
  2. How many conveyors will come in this system?
    • Total 4 conveyors will be the part of the system.
      • Infeed conveyor - This is used to regulate the traffic of the objects coming for check weighing. This is a motorised belt conveyor.
      • Weighing conveyor - This is used to do the check weighing process. This is a motorised belt conveyor.
      • Outfeed conveyor - This is the exit conveyor of the system and also pneumatic pusher assembly will present in this conveyor which is used to reject the under and over weight objects and this pusher assembly will push it towards the rejection gravity conveyor. This is a powered roller conveyor.
      • Rejection conveyor - This is used to buffer the under and over weight objects which are rejected and it is a gravity roller conveyor which with slight inclination.
  3. Is it necessary to purchase the full system or can we purchase only the weighing conveyor?
    • For automatic process, full system has to be purchased with all 4 conveyors.
  4. What is the maximum throughput of this system?
    • It entirely depends on the size and weight of the objects. Please refer the size and capacity chart in the last page.
  5. What is the operating voltage of the system?
    • 230 V AC 50 Hz
  6. Is the controller inbuilt with the system?
    • Up to 600 mm width check weighing conveyors, the controller will be fixed along the weighing conveyor, but if the conveyor width is more than 600 mm, then the controller will be separate and designed to keep on the floor within 5 m from the check weighing conveyor system.
  7. What is the MOC of the system?
    • It is available in Mild Steel and SS304. Even in mild steel variant, the skid plates below the belt and the rollers in the powdered conveyor and gravity conveyors will SS304.
  8. What are the Interface ports available?
    • RS232 port is default. Optional Port - RS485 (Modbus Protocol) or Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  9. What are the devices that can be connected to this system through RS232?
    • Using RS232 Port, the system transmits the weight (only numerical value). And customer can receive it at the computer end, if it is connected to the PC and our engineer will show it in the hyperterminal to ensure the check weighing system is transmitting the weight till PC. No PC software will be provided by Eagle.
  10. What is the string format that can be received through RS232 from the check weighing system?
    • SCWS020.000kg (or <Space><Space><Space><Space>020.000kg)
  11. Does the controller have Support to online printer?
    • Yes,we can connect the Control Print make Online TIJ & CIJ printer to Controller through RS232 and these printers has to be purchased through us because only specific models of control print printers will support.
  12. What is the display type in the system?
    • 10 inch touch TFT display (Resistive)
  13. Whether data logging is available?
    • Yes. Data Logging is available in the inbuilt memory. 87,000 weighment records can be stored and can be downloaded using pen drive and open in the PC in excel.
      Note : No filter is available in the controller and filters can be applied only in excel when you open in the PC.
  14. Can we transfer the records directly to PC?
    • No. You have to use Pen drive to download the reports from the controller.
  15. What happens after saving 87,000 weighment records?
    • After reaching 87,000 records, the records will be deleted based on FIFO basis automatically and new records will get updated. So before reaching 87,000 records, take the reports using pen drive, and we advice to take the records daily.
  16. What are the fields available in the weighment records?
    • Date, Time, Product Name, Product Code, Weight, Status
  17. How many products/items can be added in the database?
    • 99 products/items can be added (Product code, product name, check weighing limit values, threshold value etc.)
  18. What affects the check weighing accuracy?
    • Floor vibration
    • Air flow
    • Electrical magnetic noise
    • Incresed conveyor speed than the set limit.
    • Multiple objects entering on the weighing area at a time
    • Belt Wear & Tear
    • Any kind of modifications carried out in weighing conveyor
    • Improper cable routing of the weighing conveyor motor and sensors.
    • Off centre loading.
  19. What is the default SI unit?
    • kg
  20. What is the operating temperature?
    • 0°C – 40°C
  21. Can we provide Ethernet port in the system?
    • Yes it is optional. We will convert RS232 to Ethernet TCP/IP. Only check weighed weight will be transmitted through Ethernet port.
  22. What are the standard features available in this system ?
    • User Friendly GUI.
    • Easy for Maintenance.
    • Various interlocks for ensuring trouble free automatic process.
    • 10 inch Touch display for smooth operation.
    • Statistical control with graph.
    • Batch wise Weighments.
    • Continuous rejection alert.
    • Log sheet for the record.
    • USB port for record transfer through pen drive.
    • RS 232 Output.
    • RJ45 port for LAN (Optional)
    • RS485 Modbus RTU (Optional)
    • 21CFR (Optional)
    • 5 user security levels.
    • Rejection conveyor full alert.
    • Continuous rejection alert.
    • Healthy output.
    • Separate count for Under, Ok,Over weights.
    • Product data base (99).
    • Automatic rejection facility for under & over weights.
    • Integration with Control Print make specific model TIJ & CIJ Online
    • Printers(Optional.)
  23. Where this system can be recommended ?
    • This system can be recommended to Packaging machinery manufacturers to incorporate with their line, Automation Industries,Food Industries, Pharma Industries, Battery manufacuring units, Fertilizer plants, Cement plants, Vegetable loading/unloading godown, electrical companies etc.

00-high-speed-chk-weigher High Speed Check Weigher Systems Conveyor | E. G. Kantawalla

HSCWS-Check Weighing System

Our High Speed Check Weighers are with the utmost accuracy at top speeds and therefore permits extremely high throughputs leading to increasing line efficiency.

  • More suitable for Food & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Capacity varies from 500 g to 10 kg
  • Speed : Up to 150 pieces/min
  • Accuracy : +/-0.2 mg to +/- 5 g according to the capacity

Optional Accessories

  • Metal Detector
  • Bottle Separator
  • 21 CFR Compliance
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