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Shipper-Check-Weigher-main-13Oct Check Weighing System

Shipper Check Weigher

  • More suitable for Cartons Boxes and Bags
  • Capacity varies from 10 kg to 50 kg
  • Speed: 8 boxes/bags per minute to 30 boxes/bags per minute
  • Accuracy: +/-0.1% of F.S

00-high-speed-chk-weigher Check Weighing System

High Speed Check Weigher

Our High Speed Check Weighers are with the utmost accuracy at top speeds and therefore permits extremely high throughputs leading to increasing line efficiency.

  • More suitable for Food & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Capacity varies from 500 g to 10 kg
  • Speed : Up to 150 pieces/min
  • Accuracy : +/-0.2 mg to +/- 5 g according to the capacity

Optional Accessories

  • Metal Detector
  • Bottle Separator
  • 21 CFR Compliance